the O'Donoghue's

Seeings kids that run around with no shoes, are in the vegetable garden digging in the sand and diving in the grass, not worrying about getting scratched ,  makes me really happy! Having grown up on a farm these were some of the things I did and I believe the best environment for any kids to grow up in. Muz and Rachel were so great, they had me entertained and laughing the whole afternoon.  Ross and Laura you are very blessed with such great kids and I can see are kept on your toes, with Rachel racing around on her bike with no fear and Muz wanting to go higher when thrown into the air . Suppose with parents like you guys, they bound to be fearless!   


  1. Beautiful, beautiful pictures....made me cry. My children and grandchildren! Carmen

  2. Stunning pics Skater, love the in the air shots xx