Michelle & Xavier Maguire

When you asked to take pictures of a mom and her little baby at Tala Game Reserve , my heart skipped a beat and I jumped at the chance! Unfortunately we weren't allowed to run free with the animals on the reserve to take the pictures ( which in hindsight was probably a good thing)  but it didn't matter as we had such a great time anyway . I was immediately smitten when first meeting Xavier, he is firstly incredibly cute and secondly such a happy and lively baby . Michelle you have one cute little boy on your hands. The afternoon was all organised by Michelle's good friend Julz, ( if you recall awhile back she threw a surprise transatlantic baby shower  in her honour) Julz wanted to surprise Michelle with  shoot on while on holiday  from America, and as it was little Xaviers first visit to a game reserve , so it made the afternoon that bit extra special. 


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