matt & lindy kretzmann

Where to start on this one? Well all I can say is if Lindy and Matt’s marriage is anything to go by on how much fun and happy their wedding day was, then they in for an amazing journey together!  From the time I got to Matt and the boys, till the party kicked off  we never stopped laughing and its definitely due to the amazing friends and family they had around them.  Lindy, you had such  a lovely group of bridesmaids and I could see why you chose them to be with you and well Matt, your selection was pretty special too!  The guys even had to throw in a  few napoleon dynamite poses, which you could see they had practiced a few times  ;) ( those special photos are not included in this post  -  perhaps I need to have a blog for “Things you don’t see in the album” so I  can document those photos  )

All in all it was a great day, filled with so many different emotions, laughs and genuine love , and Kirsty and I were so happy we were there to share it with you.  
Much love and all the best for your life together  xx 


 Big thank you to all who helped make our wedding day possible. Majority of what was done was done by friends and family, which we very grateful for. 

Ceremony - Crab Apple Chapel 
Reception - Pipkin Farm 
Brides hair - Shaye from Chilli Peppers 
Bridesmaids hair - Cara Hackland 
Make-up - Lisa van Lelyveld 
Cake - Neil Wareing 
Dj - Alan Mccabe from DJ Worx 
Caterers - Robbie and Robynne 
Hiring - Muir heads
Invites and programmes - Lorin van Lelyveld
Dessert table - Jess Kretzmann 
Flowers and decor - Nicky Kretzmann and Shelley. 
Coffee table - Kim Wilsom and Mom 
Photographer - Kate from the Girl in gumboots photography 
Photographer assistant - Kirsty Bowles 



  1. Katie, this work is beautiful! I am so impressed with you my friend, every wedding you do, you just get better and better! Well done!

    1. Thanks so much Caz! So looking forward to our June wedding together xx

  2. Kate, these pictures are exquisite!!! You are brilliant - so very well done!!! x

    1. Thanks so much Katie - really appreciate the kind words xx