florabella collection challenge

I’ve always admired and loved the work that is done by Florabella Collection, so when I came across their 24 theme challenge, I decided to take it on and see what I got. They give you a list of 24 themes and you can set out every day, week or month – your preference – to take a photo, or photos, in my case, that represent each theme.

The first challenge on the list was “Morning” – so I got up as the sun was rising and found the perfect inspiration, my cup of hot tea – what a beautiful time of day!

second challenge – sparkle
Immediately.. when I saw this magnificent creature I knew I would use it for the “sparkle” challenge. Getting close enough proved difficult, as I have a huge fear of spiders but when I got past this, the beauty of the golden yellow thread was so beautiful to photograph in the late afternoon light.

third Challenge – Fur or feathers

This was an easy choice of subject matter, my gorgeous furry friend – Fuzzy. He is too beautiful for words and a very chilled subject matter. I heart Cats…

Looking forward to capturing the next on the list…. 


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