the evans family

Rain, rain, rain…. This is basically what sums up Durban at this point in time. So when I woke up Saturday morning to find it , yes…, raining again, I started to worry about how I was going to handle my planned outdoor morning shoot , but when I arrived at the home of Steve and Nikki Evans I was taken upstairs to see little Harry, and as soon as he opened his beautiful, blue eyes it wouldn’t have mattered if it was snowing or hailing, I knew immediately that he would be so easy to photograph and my stress disappeared – he is just the cutest and most perfect little boy I’ve ever seen and mom and dad aren’t too shabby themselves! Thanks for letting me shoot your family pictures it was so awesome to be around such a chilled and happy family. Hope you enjoy the pictures and something to leave off is this saying that was hanging in Harry’s room and I feel sums you guys up to a tee “First we had each other and then we had you , now we have everything”


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