the Hitge's and their new arrival Creed

When first meeting this lovely family, I was greeted by an abundance of furry friends and instantly knew we would get on, as Im a huge animal lover.  Candice and Werner's little boy Creed, only 9 days new, not only have 5 dogs, but two cats and they all seem to be a special part of the family.  Spending the morning with this great couple, I was so amazed at how chilled and relaxed they were and it was as if they had done this parenting thing before,  as nothing seemed to phase them. I thoroughly enjoyed our morning together and getting meet your new little boy. He's  a lucky chap, not only loved by his human family but will be loved by the furry family too. Much love Kate xx 


  1. Beautiful work Kate!! Gorgeous little sossie!! And those fur kids... too sweet!!